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The Original Pettiskirt by Kaiya Eve. If it doesnt say Kaiya Eve its not an Original! We are not affliated with Denise or any other pettiskirt brand such as Twirl. Kaiya Eve is in a class of its own. No other pettiskirts can compare.

Kaiya Eve is a beautiful line from infant size to junior in an array of styles reminiscent of yesteryear when little girls were dressed in petticoats and pantaloons and all things pretty in pink. Couture Designer, Kandi Lightner, renamed this original vintage line pettiskirts and they are now in demand all over the world. Its Kaiya Eve who created this amazing pettiskirt trend!

Not so trendy as they are timeless. These are the special little outfits mothers tuck away for safekeeping. The one skirt every little girl should have! She will put one on and wont want to take it off.

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